Monday, 4 December 2017

He put the English out (out out out)

There is a regular T-Shirt designed and sold by a Tartan Army with Scotland's Player of the Year, a list of scorers who just happen to have put the English out , (out out out). Add in a few of England's penalty misses and the score is settled.
Edward Hammer of the Scots will be turning in his grave at the mention of the 1970 West Germany World Cup Quarter Final 3-2 victory courtesy of Franz Beckenbauer, Uwe Seeler and Gerd Muller. Special mention should be made of goalie Peter Bonetti and the substitution of Bobby Charlton by Sir Alf Ramsey.
The USA 1950 World Cup victory perchance?
Chris Waddle 1990 World Cup semi-final penalty miss?
Gareth Southgate Euro '96 semi-final penalty miss , another Scottish hero, and of course there are more, and there will be many more unfortunates.
To top it all, the ultimate hero , the world's greatest fitba drug taker, step forward Diego Maradona, he of the hand of god. 'He put the English out, out,out,out'.
What do they all have in common? The English exit was long after we were sent home to think again.
Spare me the feeling of shadenfreude, the gleefull expectation that our neighbours will lose next year in a tournament that we have not qualified for, have not visited for 19 years and, worse of all the realisation that we the Tartan Army are not missed'
' No Scotland, we still can have a party', the world sings.
Let's concentrate on finding a set of players that will qualify and a manager, from any part of the world that can lead us to the finals.

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