Thursday, 7 December 2017


With a proud tradition of supplying Scottish football internationals, managers, the venue for games the recent history has been shambolic at best. The decline and bankruptcy of the club should have led to the development of a modern Scottish Rangers, building from scratch, developing youngsters both local and from afar. Proper coaching, a Rangers style, a modern style.
Thus instead of a Scottish 'Ajax' a mini 'Barca' we, both Rangers and Scotland fans have had a new era of asset stripping, easy money to be made or grabbed, from the fans.
And to top it all the non pursuit of a manager or managers leaving ridicule and for many hilarious laughter.
Who next? What next? Where next?
I would contact Kris Boyd as he seems to know, or does he? If I were him I would stick to playing for Kilmarnock, a current player has no business being a media pundit as he either compromises himself or other fellow professionals. Shame on him.
Anyway, as a Scotland fan I desperately await a decent new Scotland player from Ibrox, there have been countless, from George Young to John Grieg to Alan Morton to David Meikeljohn.
Here's hoping.


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