Monday, 11 December 2017

Rangers part 2

There was a time when Rangers were world class, big time. A history that included trophies, cups, championships, a stadium with a truly great main stand, however.
There are blips in their past, a tradition that excluded a section of society, more than occasional fan violence and the eventual and sadly inevitable decline into bankruptcy. These things do happen to football clubs all over the world, that old lady of Italy Juventus was relegated due to dodgy irregularities.
So this week The Rangers face the rejection of one of their own, a cut that goes the deepest. According to today's Herald the anointed manager had gone as far as picking Saturday's team to face Ross County. McInnes, a Rangers fan had turned down the job of his childhood dreams at the 11th hour, perhaps into injury time.

The chance to join the greats. Bill Struth, Scott Symon, Waddell, Souness and Walter Smith was scorned, and The Rangers are furious, they issued a nonsensical press statement so petty that the best it produced was a brilliant Aberdeen fan banner and the embarrassment of their own fans.

Surely McInnes turned down the job because The Rangers took so long to make him the number one choice and because they are no longer the number one club in Scotland nor even the number two, and because they no longer have class.
The past few years have seen millions squandered, a queue has formed to asset strip both the club and the fans. A clueless football strategy, a set of directors with little or no football knowledge, nor class.

Aberdeen were a well run club and they themselves paid the price for a forlorn attempt to match the Old Firm in the 90's, a task so onerous they could not afford a new toaster. They are again a model of financial propriety and as it stands guilty of a rickety old stadium and no proper training facilities, yet a club that is a more attractive proposition than The Rangers.

Where does it leave McInnes? Sunderland were quite rightly declined, there will come another approach, probably from England. There will a financial gain and whichever club comes a calling they will make a speedy and genuine offer and Derek will be gone, with the best wishes of most fans.


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