Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A new start

A wee trip to Pittodrie next week and a friendly against the once mighty Netherlands, a former world great against a 19 year old failure. Can't wait.
The vision of an Archie Gemmell 1978 wonder goal is so remote and irrelevant as would a replay of the Euro 88 Dutch victory. We can't live on past memories nor can the men in Oranje. Where to now?
If I had a pound for every time I was asked where has it gone wrong the I would have £8 in my pocket and that is just from yesterday. Who should be the new manager? Sir Alex Ferguson of course, however in the likely event of him being quite busy just now and unavailable the question is ' Who will be the new manager of Scotland?' All applicants should be aquainted with Albert Camus' book on eternal failure, or was that written by The Tartan Army?
Qualities, the ability to make the best of not bad players. Patience and impatience, oh and must be a masochist. Tactical genius and in training sessions endless routnes of late goals followed by the booting the ball out the park. The ability to grab failure from glory.
Netherlands at Pittodrie, the start of something new or more of the same? We will be wearing a new strip, better than the last one? Yes of course that was terrible.
One thing please, let Malky Mackay enjoy his one game as Manager and on Friday he can return to his day job, the really important one.

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