Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Laughing stock?

I'm not justifying Rangers not quite so mysterious tax affairs reference the payments of players however we do have a tendency to castigate ourselves as the only nation that suffers scandals,mishaps, disasters and stramashes.
The world's self proclaimed biggest club Barcelona were nobbled by the Spanish Government  in 1987 for tax evasion in paying the players. A club so big that they claimed the money back from the players. This resulted in a players strike.
An oft heard phrase in phone - ins is 'We must be the laughing stock of the world!' If only anybody cared!!
Gretna, Airdrie and the shenanigans of 3 football authorities are not news in Burnley never mind Berlin.
Belgium and Austria have seen their share of clubs going bust.
I can only imagine that when we play abroad, club or country we are not respected, despite what their Manager may claim in media interviews.
We are now a nation with one well known player, & he is injured. We are in a not disimilar position like all the wee diddy nations who have one or 2 players in the Bundesliga, of which we have none. The French League? they may distantly remember Mo Johnstone!
I long for the day when we are mentioned as a nation of skillful, technical players.
Barcelona have used St Andrews as a training camp, Largs is still used as source of coaching courses.
Other than that, not a lot.

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