Monday, 26 March 2012

In these days of austerity, days when a Scotland team plays, probably more than once, and probably again no doubt, with no forwards, it is hard to believe that we used to give such abuse to some really good players. Really good ones that is!
Take for example Stevie Archibald. 27 caps, 4 goals. Star of Aberdeen, a really good Aberdeen team that is. Star of Tottenham Hotspur of the London variety, which included Ossie Ardilies, Hoddle etc.
And to top it all he played for Barcelona in a European Cup Final.
Many a time he was given pelters from the terracing. He played in 2 world cups for goodness sake.
He got a right good shiriking from the tartan beclad fans.
I bet you he is still fit. If he has boots he could still get a game, maybe not for Scotland that is as we don't play centre forwards anymore.
But Stevie we are often short on Fridays in Alloway. Astro turf boots mind you.
See you there. 7.00 sharp for a 7.15 kick off, mostly.

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