Monday, 26 March 2012

Tartan Scarf

The trend for wearing kilts started in earnest not at Euro '96 but at France '98, the World Cup where we made our customary 3 game appearance and our early journey home was in no footballing way detrimental to the tournament.
Whether it was the prospect of opening the cup against Brazil and being for a short period the stars of the show, we wish or a sea change in nationalism we cannot be sure. However the first game following was an away trip to Lithuania and the kilt was de-rigeur, a must for all self disrespecting Tartan Army footsoldier. A centre of attraction in airports, railway stations, christenings and weddings of which the Scots were star players.
I am however not a kilt wearer, never have been and I have tried. I am a tartan scarf wearer, at present a Stuart tartan. We have been wearing scarves surely since 1872, 0-0 draw.
I do not claim to be an expert in tartan however 2 years ago I received a phone call from a guy also called Husband, an English chap living in Achiltibuie, well north of Scotland.
He was attending a wedding in Orkney & wanted to know which tartan to wear, I had half expected an invitation. His logic that I would know was puzzling and quite a compliment.
I checked with my  Father & he said Husband can wear Macdonald.
If this is untrue, who would know.
When the new Scotland campaign starts I will be travelling with scarf, not quite sure of the tartan though.

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