Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Did the ball move?

What an atmosphere! 8000 Scots in Wembley, outnumbered for once and to be honest we travelled with a modicum of hope & yet, & yet. We had a better record at Wembley than at Hampden. This was Euro '96 & football was coming home. Not home that is to the home of the first international, that home was a cricket ground in Glasgow.
But at half-time we were the better team & almost as important we had the better half-time sing song.
England had a brief period of good play in the 2nd period & scored courtesy of Shearer.
We were back in the game. The board was up to get Gazza off, & to be honest he was rubbish that day.
Penalty. Score this & we would get another, surely.
Mcallister as captain takes the spot kick *+& the ball moves. It shimmers and shakes. I saw it, I was in the front row behind the goals. We miss & Gazza scores a beauty one minute later.
Uri Geller claims the credit for moving the ball. I blame God & he / she does us another disservice a few days later at Wembley, a Dutch goal through Seaman's legs.
The ball moved, I saw it.
England 2 - Scotland 0.

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