Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ticket Prices

With the poor crowd at the Ibrox Georgia qualifier & following a decent result in Warsaw we are facing a non sell-out for the all important Ireland game at Celtic Park, that is unless the Irish take up the remaining briefs.
Many home fans are boycotting the over priced game, some out of principle others by the sheer cost. Fans from Ireland are doing what we do, that is get into the home end, & why not.
Are Scotland fans letting the team down at this vital moment? In the past we have suffered dreadful performances & still turned out in amazing numbers.
What price loyalty?
The Daily Record & Sunday Mail have kept up a weekly campaign against the SFA amongst other media outlets. Only today a Sunday Mail journo was questioning on whether their has been a reaction to the cost of phoning the ticket office.
Shame on the SFA.

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