Thursday, 9 October 2014

Supporting Scotland

Talk of boycotts & fans not going cause it's Ibrox, jings all this fuss & we are playing well. Then there is the massive decision on whether to sing our anthem. My heart bleeds for the Tartan Army.
The cost of tickets is a scandal with a deliberate decision to fleece a cash cow, if you can pardon the mixed metaphor. By the way Mixd Metaphor was the Dutch manager when we beat Holland 3-1 in an Amsterdam 1938 friendly, those were the days.
If ever there was a time for action it was 1954 with a disastrous World Cup campaign. The SFA in their infinite lack of wisdom took 14 players, no training gear and a manager who would chuck it during the tournament. Rangers players were off on a summer tour, lucky them. To ensure the players would not suffer frostbite the Scotland jersey was made of extra thick wool which as Tommy Docherty later commented ensured that the lion on the badge melted as they lined up for the ritual 7-0 defeat in 90 degree Basle heat. This debacle followed a 1-0 loss to world power Austria & we were sent homeward to think again. Taking into account an England  4-2 trouncing at Hampden this was truly a dreadful year. The again England beat us 7-2 in '55.
Get along to Ibrox & sing your heart out.
As for the England game .....what a rip off.


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