Sunday, 12 October 2014


Ibrox proved to be the almost perfect host for the Georgia game with a decent atmosphere to kick off the home campaign.  I tend to judge our performance by the actions of my brother who during times of stress goes walkabout. Yesterday he just held his head in his hands for the last 20 minutes, progress indeed.
A competent first half with good wing play & movement with the ball pinged at pace & a winning own goal. There just had to be a late scare & the malfunction of the 4th officials' substitution board was as close to a stramash as we got.
A crowd of 34,719 was a realistic attendance considering the prices however I can only think that the players & manager would have dearly loved a sell-out with that sizzle a packed Ibrox would have brought.
I was on radio Scotland ref the prices & pitted in the SFA corner was former Chief Exec Gordon Smith presumably as no press officer was brave enough to comment.
There is a lot of admirable work being done by the SFA in kids coaching, football development etc & well done to all involved. Does this come at a price? You betcha, we are paying for this & more.
£10 cheaper & we would have had a near sell out, a public sale for the Ireland game will see many of our Irish cousins joining us in Celtic Park stands, would we not do the same?
On the other negative side Poland beat Germany for the first time & suddenly our optimism looks misplaced, or does it? We need a point in Warsaw, 3 in Georgia and probably 4 against Ireland. We also need draws by our opponents.
Andrew Robertson looks a star & it was good to have Fletcher back, I however despair at our poor finishing, bloomin years of this.
Denis Law, Colin Stein, when will we see your likes again?


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