Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Hearts

The trials & tribulations of the hearts fans may just be drawing to a close, for now. The mad spending of the mad chairman has wreaked & that cannot be a bad thing however to what purpose?
Tynecastle is a great arena for atmosphere & requires a new main stand. Years of overspending on the playing staff has resulted in some cup success but no custom built club & training facilities.
The future must surely lie in creating a modern Scottish football club with a modern footballing style, raising kids to play the modern way. Coaching in the European style where a brand of football can be instilled in the youths and carried onto the big team.
Will fan ownership demand this? Will there be a clear strategy for the future; modern football?
The club have yet to leave their period of administration however the fans have a lot to ponder for the future of the Heart of Midlothian.


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