Wednesday, 30 April 2014


As expected the return of the Scotland England fixture will continue with a visit from the Auld Enemy in November. Surprise or shock should be muted as last year's visit to Wembley was seen as a success with a really good competitive game and even more importantly the two sets of fans mingled with some enthusiasm. Extra revenue for the 2 respective FAs, surely not?
Many of the Scots in London were able to experience the traditional Trafalgar experience & whilst they could only gape in awe at the size of the ground and appreciate the good value for money that a national stadium costing many many millions that  is stuck in London within the M25 & not in any way easily accessible for Londoners never mind the rest of England.
There is a real prospect that the game will be played at Celtic Park due to the unavailability of Hampden. Whilst Wembley holds 90,000 these days that figure is dwarfed by the 149,000 plus that Hampden held on 2 occasions for games held in the 1930's. 52,000 is of course more than enough to accommodate Queens Park, Scotland friendlies and all semi-finals.
A visit from our friends south of the border is another matter & Hampden holds no great emotional
bond for me these days & the prospect of a 60,000 crowd would let more fans in. Dare I say a better atmosphere & other than a wee section for away fans a better view of the pitch.
I was honoured to have been part of the fans game last August with Scotland deservedly winning 6-2. We all got on famously, & why not?
We will have to ensure that there will be a good Scottish welcome for our visitors, as warm as we treat all football fans in Glasgow.
I travelled to London last year as cool as a cucumber. The game meant little more than part of the rebuilding of our battered team. When we scored I was again a young lad with bell bottomed trousers celebrating Kenny Dalglish's 1977 winner. Does the England game mean a lot to a Scotsman?
You better believe it.

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