Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The World Cup

It is as if we have been hibernating. No competitive international fitba for nearly a year and until this last week I have been in a state of neutral. I have not been peeking at past glories on U Tube, I have cast aside happy memories of Scotland heroes such as Dennis Law and Willie Henderson. Scotland, gie's a break.
My emotions have been placed on Andy Murray, Paul Lawrie and numerous Scottish Olympics athletes.
Perhaps it was the resounding Boo that woke me up a couple of weeks ago in a show down Easter Rd, Edinburgh that got the loudest raspberry in the Festival.
An ungratefull Scotland crowd that did not accept a win at home in a friendly with the unfettered glee that would have been gratefully received in the dark ages of a decade plus of dirge at Hampden under various ( hapless) managers and (duff ) Scotland players.
The Westa supporters meeting on Sunday was a sell-out and travel plans were the agenda items. Busses to Wales, 2 of. 1 of which is off to Belguim.
A bus to Luxemburg, 1 of.
A bus to Aberdeen, 1 of,  to see the mighty Estonia.
Plans are afoot to visit Croatia next June.
World cup fever grabs me and my pals, but is is exciting the nation?
The home game double header is not a sell out, and is unlikely to be. The cost of tickets is a scandal and other than England we are probably the most expensive international nation in Europe. And to watch us! Scotland, surely not!!!
The 8th September sees us on the road to the road to Rio.
I for one will be excited, let's hope the players are up for it.


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