Friday, 17 March 2017

Westa Player of The Year

Tales of The West of Scotland Tartan Army. POTY

During the darkest hours of Bertie’s reign we were faced, not once but twice with the classic dilemma. As a democratic body the choice of Player of The Year was devoid, not of a winner but nominations.
The list of past winners included Christian Dailly and Don Hutchison. Christian was nominated and chosen because, well because he was, and is Christian Dailly. Don Hutchison, scorer of the winner at Wembley, a cracker against Germany and a truly all round good guy. We somehow got the trophy to Christian at West Ham and The Don courtesy of Westa member Andrew Gibson who hand delivered it to a presumably bemused Don at  Leeds Utd training ground.
The following year BBC TV were, I kid you not, filming the Westa Player of The Year award ceremony. The nation awaited our announcement, however we had no nominations, none. The various defeats and humiliations Scotland had suffered left us bereft of hope never mind a hero.
Our best score of the season had been a fortuitous 2-2 draw with Spain in Valencia with an 80th minute floodlight failure ensuring a draw & a wet lap of honour for the Tartan Army
Lights, camera & action. The Chair stood and addressed the members and a million viewers. No name was inscribed on the trophy, no actual winner was chosen.  We assured the BBC the winner was a closely guarded secret. The hapless, most say hopeless Chair stood and announced; ‘The winner is………………………………………’
 ‘The Spanish electrician’ shouted a Westa Wag. Problem solved, the winner however to this day awaits the prized trophy.
A year later & we were facing the same dilemma, or were we? The Women’s team were becoming an attraction for some of us, and the committee chose a Woman. The choice was narrowed down to the one that worked in Greaves Sports, we could nip down & invite her personally.
Scottish Football’s most prestigious night, our Player of The Year. The wonderful Vera Pauw, Team Manager & our chosen player attended as honoured guests, Mhairi who to be honest looked bemused as well as honoured. They were roundly cheered and as Mhairi left the Iron Horse she looked even more bemused.
I humbly suggest that following the success of Scotland’s Women’s Team they be honoured as Scottish Fitba’s team of the Year. They are off to the Euro’s in Holland & so am I.


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