Monday, 1 August 2016

1966 and all that

Just imagine if we won the world cup, jings Scotland beat England a year later 3-2 and we live eternally on a such a futile victory.
I am slightly dissapointed on behalf of my English chums that there has been no street parties, an achievement so magnificent a national holiday should have been granted. The remaining players, plus Jimmy Greaves honoured in David Cameron's last honours list, an act of sheer gratitude on behalf of the nation of England.
A Scottish peek at the few documentaries this past week would have revealed a bunch of relatively ordinary lads who conquered the world, with the added advantage of playing at home and at Wembley Stadium to boot. England deserved to win, the 3rd goal may have been not quite over the line, however the Germans have punished England ever since and seemingly a major part of their masterplan was to include penalty taking compulsory in Schools ever since. Alan Ball it turns out was a great guy, Bobby Moore a likely lad. As for Sir Bobby Charlton hero the world over, Scotland included.
I was 8 in 1966 and like most of Scotland at the time supported England. This changed a year later when we won 3-2, played keepie-up and to this day honoured and remembered as our greatest victory over any world champions. The game was in fact a Euro qualifier, we drew later with Wales, lost to Northern Ireland and went out with a creditable 1-1 draw in the return 1968 England game.
We complain that our English friends go on too much about 1966, why shouldn't they?


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