Wednesday, 24 February 2016

20 years ago

Jings time flies in when you have not qualified, 18 years since we were not very good in france & even worse 20 years since we missed that penalty courtesy of David Seaman's elbow, or was it Uri Geller's spoon bending spell that made the ball move off the spot? A wee shift in the time space universe that put Gary off. I was front row when he took it and 2 minutes later was in the Wembley loo listening to England fans celebrating Gazza's wonder goal. I saw the ball move!
A week earlier we held the Dutch to a goaless draw at Villa Park with the Scotland fans in the Holt End physically blowing the ball away from Andy Goram.
Days later we were one up on the hapless Swiss, oor pals 100 miles south were skooshing Holland 4-0. We were through, assistant manager Alex Miller was sent to the touchline to calm the players. We were through until oor nemesis said David Seaman was nutmegged & we were out.
Looking back there were few kilts & we were flying 'We hate Jimmy Hill' flags replacing the 'Remember Bannockburn' of former Wembley weekend trips. What must the locals have thought of us?
My brother marched up Wembley Way avec kilt, carrying a tray of grass up the steps handing the returning turf to it's owner. The Commisionaire at the main door was perplexed, he either had a short memory & or was obviously not one of the estimated 300 England fans in Wembley June 4th 1977.
20 long years since we again did not reach the 2nd round. 18 years since we last flopped in the finals.
When will we see our likes again?


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