Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The World Cup starts soon

It's not that I am counting the days, but it won't be long until we are heading to The National Stadium to witness the new World Cup campaign. The first in line are Serbia and the one piece of good news is that it is on a Saturday. We all have our different traditions & meeting places. The Queens Park Cafe, Victoria Rd has long since been a favourite as it is too busy and there came a time when we felt unwanted. To be fair the locals would look askance at the long queues and the lack of staff.
The Iron Horse in West Nile Street became a fans favourite & again too busy. There were however many happy traveling fans who experienced a real Glasgow pub. The Croatians were a rather athletic bunch and for the delight of the ladies I am assured they looked good topless on the dance floor. We will meet again.
Eventually, and we were struggling, I was invited with every other Scotland fan to Shawlands Bowling club. Great, intimate and a warm welcome. Pies & rolls. A veggie? A roll & butter!!
A brisk walk to Hampden and the misery & ecstasy begins. The singing, the optimism the stramashes & that is just the queue for the toilets.
Who knows what the new campaign will bring?
It will not be easy, it hasn't been Easy Easy since 1974 & even then it wasn't particularly easy (easy).
Not long now!


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