Wednesday, 11 April 2012


In my time as a media tart I have had some crazy interviews, however a few years ago I was privileged, nay mystified to have contributed a small part to world peace.
Amnesty International contacted me through ATAC as they have a strategy of highlighting individual prisoners of conscience, publicising their plight. It turns out that their focus of attention was a prisoner in Burma who was a football fan. The Tartan Army would be a worthy vehicle in which to help tell the world. Our worl-wide reputation for diplomacy really is that big.
I spent the day in Edinburgh, a photo shoot with a former political prisoner who put my life of ordinariness well & truly into the shade. This chap , now working for the BBC related being held captive in a container, a dissident with a cause & here's me a rebel without a clue! His stories of torture put my slightly amusing anecdotes of long tedious bus journey's to Europe to watch Scotland get walloped into perspective. Although a 13 hour return bus trip from Sofia to Macedonia, 1- 0 defeat and red hot tins of beer was a form of masochism not seen since The Marquis de Sade requested another pointed stick to be inserted side-ways up.... anyway I digress.
The highlight for me was a guest appearance on Burmese Free Radio. The extremely bemused presenter was introduced to a Scotland fan who had empathy for the poor guy in Burma.
It was only after my starring role that I realised that any future Scotland game in Burma would be without me! I would surely get a life ban, and sometimes I reflect that a life ban from watching Scotland, anywhere that is,  might not be that bad an idea!!
It is good to see Burmese democracy taking giant steps forward & I do feel that I have contributed.

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